So, how do you receive this new life? Acts 17:31 says, “God commands all men to repent (turn from all you know to be sin) because He has appointed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness.” Friend, that day is closer than you think! You need to not only repent, but also to place your faith and trust in Jesus to save you.

Faith is not believing in a creed or believing in things that aren’t real, like Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. Biblical, saving faith is trusting in Someone who is trustworthy. Jesus is trustworthy. Abandon yourself to Him for He is the only One who can save you. All other ground is sinking sand.

If you want to get right with God, go to Him in your own words and cry out to Him for mercy. Tell Him what you have done against Him, how you have broken His Law. Turn from those sins and abandon yourself to what Christ has done for you. Commit to following Him as Lord, or Master of your life. If you need help praying to trust Christ, we suggest using Psalm 51 as a guideline. Open your Bible there and pray it to God.

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