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When looking for a Church to attend, you need to pray and ask God which one is right for you. But, here are a few guidelines to help you in your search for your local church home.

1. Look for a church that studies the Bible. The reason God created and redeemed us by His Sonís death on Calvaryís cross is that we might know Him -- indeed, knowing Him (and bringing others to know Him) is the primary purpose of life. But we can only know Him through the revelation of His Word, so we study His Book -- all of it, verse by verse -- in order that we might know Him better every day. The primary responsibility of the shepherd, the senior pastor, is to teach the Bible to Godís people. Jesus said ďfeed my sheep,Ē and in the Old Testament God said His Word was wheat for our souls. In a healthy church, you will find congregants regularly studying the Bible together because they are deeply hungry to know God.

2. Look for a church that is filled with people who pray. Paul said to pray without ceasing; Jesus said people ought always to pray; Samuel thought it a sin against God to not pray; King David cried to God day and night; Martin Luther prayed from 3 to 6 a.m. every morning. Every revival and movement of God in history was under-girded with faithful prayer-warriors who cried out to God day and night. Heaven sits still until earth prays, but where Godís people will call upon Him in earnest, He will answer in power.

3. Look for a church that worships in Spirit and in truth. A misunderstanding often exists between those who prefer older hymns and those who prefer more modern choruses to be sung in worship. The fact is that both can be dead and cold, and either can be alive and vibrant. We can use many different kinds of songs in worship -- hymns, choruses, ancient and modern; and we can use all sorts of musical accompaniment -- organs, pianos, keyboards, guitars, drums, bass, brass, woodwinds, to play all different musical styles - folk, rock, jazz, classical, rap, and so on. People often think that if one group prefers choruses and another hymns, we should try to blend them or have different services with different kinds of music.

While that may be helpful, eliminating hymns is not the goal -- the goal is heartfelt worship. A healthy church is a church where people pour out their hearts in adoration and praise of God, regardless of what kind of musical accompaniment is used. We do not want to eliminate hymns, we want to eliminate dead worship that does not move the heart and soul, and create a worship atmosphere where people will enter in and adore God fervently, emotionally, lovingly.

4. Look for a church that is filled with people who love one another. Jesus said the earmark of discipleship is our love for each other; John said if we do not love each other, we are not truly followers of Christ; the early Christians were known for their reputation of loving each other. Biblical love is not a feeling, not a warm emotion, as we often think of love. Biblical love is action, it is not what we feel, it is what we do. If we feel warm and fuzzy toward someone but never do anything to express love, we do not love them, according to the Bible. Conversely, if we feel nothing, or even a touch of repulsion toward another, but do practical things to help that person, we love them in the biblical sense. A healthy church is filled with people who care for each other, who surround one another with comfort, who telephone each other just to encourage, who pray for each other, who stop by to wash dishes, who take a shut-in for a drive in the country, who are warm and friendly to all, who fix a single momís car for her, read to someone whose eyesight is failing, put up storm windows for a neighbor, paint a house for someone who cannot afford to have it done, give someone a ride to a doctorís appointment, baby-sit a coupleís children so they can have a date to enrich their marriage, who take strangers to lunch after church on Sunday, and have coffee in the morning with a new member, etcÖ. A healthy church is filled with people who express Godís love in small, everyday, practical, creative ways. When you walk into a healthy church on meeting day, you can feel the love in the air.

5. Look for a church that is growing in numbers, not because adding more bodies is a goal, but because a healthy church is filled with people who love God so much that they want to share that love with others, so they are consequently involved in evangelism, outreach, missions and social ministry. A healthy church is filled with people who tell other people about Jesus - not about the church - no one is attracted to an institution, but about Jesus. Everyone needs Him -- not our programs -- Him!

In a healthy church, some people are regularly out on the streets telling passersby of the Savior who loves them, others are calling on old friends and sharing the gospel with them. Others are going on short-term mission trips to take Godís love to developing countries, still others financially support missionaries, while others help out in crusades and evangelistic outreaches of all sorts. Others visit strangers in hospitals and nursing homes to tell them of Christ, while others volunteer in soup kitchens, pregnancy centers, hospices and social service agencies so that they can let needy people know of the God who loves them unconditionally. In a healthy church, everyone has a burden, a burning desire, to see others know Jesus.

A healthy church is a Bible-learning church; a healthy church is a praying church; a healthy church is a worshipping church; a healthy church is a loving church; and a healthy church is an evangelizing church. When looking for a church home, make sure you look for these things.

Below Are Churches & Ministries That Can Help You In Finding A Local Church
Calvary Baptist Church, Owosso, MI

Howell Bible Church, Howell, MI

Living Water Bible Church, Muskegon, MI

Bible Baptist Church, Howell, MI

Island Baptist Church, Beach Haven, NJ

Pendleton Street Baptist Church - 1100 S Main St  Greenville, SC 29601 (864) 232-7312
Kineo Church - 5106 N. 37th Ave. Phx, AZ 85019 - phone: 602.841.1790 (office)

Holy Trinity Church 3400 White Oak Rd Raleigh, NC 27609 Phone: (919) 833-4202

Grace Baptist Church 102-35 89th Avenue Richmond Hill, NY 11418-2145 Phone: 646-208-1651
Christ Bible Church 2721 Rochester Road Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Providence Baptist Church, 4471 W Sanction Rd. Lecanto, FL 34461
The Church of the Apostles, Atlanta, GA
Holy Cross Anglican Monroe, GA
St. Andrews Chapel Sanford, FL
Anglican Diocese of the South Monroe, GA
Temple Baptist Church - Lubbock, Texas
South Creek Church - Springfield, Missouri -
Monett Church of the Nazarene - Monett, Missouri -
Faith Bible Church - Springfield, Illinois -
Grace Community Church - Sun Valley, California -
Christ Fellowship Baptist Church - Mobile, Alabama -
Grace Life Church - Muscle Shoals, Alabama -
Berean Baptist Church - Pickerington, OH -
Austin Bluffs Evangelical Free Church - 3435 Maizeland Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Shepherd's Fellowship of Greensboro - 12-J Wendy Court - Greensboro, NC 27409
(336) 848-7197 -
Creekside Bible Church - Indian Trail, NC
Living Faith Baptist Church - Charlotte, NC -
Grace Fellowship - Indian Trail, NC
Christ Bible Church - 2721 Rochester Road Cranberry Township Pa 16066
North Park Church - 600 Ingomar Road, Wexford, PA 15090 -
North Shore Baptist Church - 202-09 42 Avenue Bayside, NY 11361 Phone: 718.229.7223
Grace Baptist Church - 102-35 89th Avenue Richmond Hill, NY 11418-2145 Phone: 646-208-1651

Mission Road Bible Church - Prairie Village, KS -
Summit Woods Baptist Church - Lee's Summit, MO -
Reedemer Presbyterian Church - Overland Park, KS -
Calvary Baptist Church - Lenexa, KS -
Redeemer Presbyterian Church - Athens, GA -
Christ Community Church - Athens, GA -
Grace Reformed Baptist Church - 36 Smith St Merrick, NY 11566 ph: (516) 379-2408
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